The City that Care Forgot

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Release Date: August 4, 2023


From New York Times bestselling author Liliana Hart comes an out-of-print book that has been revised and updated, with new scenes and a new ending. "From fires to shootouts [and] car chases to bombs, this book has it ALL. Every sequence was written with the perfect amount of detail..." (Goodreads).

New Orleans is a place of sultry music and shadowed streets—A city where people go to get lost and leave their troubles behind. It's the City that Care Forgot.

Ex-FBI sniper Shane Quincy is just trying to survive one day to the next since his wife’s death—a death he blames himself for. The last thing he needs is to have the daughter of America’s most infamous mob boss move into the apartment across the hall.

Rachel Valentine is on the run from the only “family” she’s ever known. When Shane Quincy saves her life, she has no choice but to tell him who she’s running from, even though she knows it’ll make him the mob’s next target.