Gone With the Sin

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A Harley and Davidson Mystery, Book 8


Let sleeping dogs lie. If only that were the case in Bell County, Texas. A quiet and peaceful place to retire is all Hank Davidson wants. After a high-risk, violent career as an FBI-trained serial killer investigator, crime is the last thing Hank wants, but it seems no matter how hard he tries, he can't escape the world of law enforcement. He also had no plans to fall in love, but then he met Agatha Harley. Bell County’s numerous historic cemeteries are revered for honoring the heroic sacrifices of its citizens and soldiers. The recent rash of grave robbing has led Agatha to suspect something more sinister is afoot. She must convince a very skeptical Sheriff Reggie Coil that it’s more than high school vandals. Enlisting the help of her partner in crime-solving and love, Hank Davidson, would give her the leverage to dig deeper into the series of casket breeches and help convince Coil that his precious Bell County is once again under attack by the same criminals that brought she and Hank together. Is it a sinister plot or vandals? Agatha and Hank are back on the case.