A Harley and Davidson Mystery Box Set 2

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A Harley and Davidson Mystery Box Set


Book 5 - Deceased and Desist

Agatha Harley and Hank Davidson have been through one heck of a year. She's hot off the heels of a successful book release, and Hank's found his retirement groove on the saddle of a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

But some things in Agatha's past refuse to stay there. She'd become a recluse for a reason, and the man who almost killed her is out of prison and looking for revenge. It's time for Agatha to put the past behind her once and for all, and she knows there's no one better than to help her succeed than Hank. But at what cost?

Book 6 - Malice In Wonderland

What could go wrong when Agatha Harley and her best friend Heather Cartwright decide to attend a billion-dollar bash in the ritziest part of Dallas, Texas? A Dallas oil tycoon who makes JR Ewing look like a boy scout, seems to still burn a flame for his fifth ex-wife. Unfortunately, his Independence Day mega-celebration ends with fireworks and his murder. Heather goes from belle of the ball to cell block inmate before the last sparkler burns.It's up to Agatha and Hank to prove Heather's innocence. Well, if you know anything about Heather, you know she's anything but innocent. But, did she kill the cowboy billionaire?

Book 7 - Tequila Mockingbird

What is Agatha Harley to do when a decades old secret about an unsolved murder is revealed to her? When the source is her dear, elderly neighbor who suffers with memory lapses, Agatha finds herself back at odds with her closest friends.Hank Davidson and Sheriff Reggie Coil are skeptical because the case had previously been investigated. Agatha's faith in her friend pushes her towards the truth. Even if she has to go it alone this time. Hank, a champion of justice joins her, and together they reopen old wounds that appease some while hurting others. But, is there reason or even need to dig into a cold case that might not have even been a case to start with.

Book 8 - Gone With The Sin

Let sleeping dogs lie. If only that were the case throughout Bell County, Texas, things would've returned to the serenity that once defined it. A quiet, and peaceful place was what Hank Davidson wanted as his retirement home. After a high-risk, violent career as an FBI-trained serial killer detective, crime was the last thing Hank wanted. He also had no intention to fall in love, but crime also played a part in that, or at least solving crime did.

Bell County's numerous historic cemeteries were once revered for honoring the heroic sacrifices of its citizens and soldiers. The recent rash of grave robbing has led Agatha Harley to suspect something more sinister is afoot. She must convince a very skeptical Sheriff Reggie Coil that it's more than high school vandals.

Enlisting the help of her partner in crime-solving and love, Hank Davidson, would give her the leverage to dig deeper into the series of casket breeches, and help convince Coil that his precious Bell County was once again under attack by the same criminals that brought she and Hank together.

Is it a sinister plot or vandals? Agatha and Hank are back on the case.