Return to Laurel Valley

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Release Date: May 28, 2024

Laurel Valley: A Novella


Bounty Hunter Lily Crow never thought she'd step foot in Laurel Valley again. Especially since there’s a warrant out for her arrest. But when her skip ends up in the peaceful resort town, she has no choice but to go after him to claim her reward. Even at the cost of running into the cop who would be happy to put her in handcuffs. It only makes the situation more awkward that the cop in question is her husband.

Sheriff Blaze O’Hara isn’t surprised to see Lily back in Laurel Valley. They’ve always been like moths to a flame. But it’s time for both of them to grow up and realize they work better together than apart. He'll help her catch the bad guy, but it's the happily ever after he wants.