Grime and Punishment

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A Harley and Davidson Mystery, Book 9


Only politics are more crooked than crime. When it’s election time in Bell County, Texas, the highly-coveted position of the jurisdiction’s top cop brings opponents out swinging.

Sheriff Reggie Coil has become a citizen favorite, but the people used to getting away with their own vices don’t appreciate his honest and equal approach toward enforcing the law. A concerted effort to defeat the experienced lawman includes plans to use his own past against him.

While still on an ethics violation probation that resulted from a tough decision made as a young undercover agent, Coil continues to walk on eggshells as the election approaches.

Hank Davidson is appointed as the interim Sheriff by Coil after he’s been suspended pending the outcome of a bogus investigation. Hank’s best resource for revealing the truth to set Coil free is Agatha Harley. They’ve created a life and love from solving crimes together, and as Hank draws closer to asking her to marry him, life in Rusty Gun seems to continually get in his way.

Two things Hank is sure of: he will propose to Agatha soon, and Reggie Coil is the best man for the job.