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MacKenzie Security Series Book 6


When Evangeline Lockwood witnesses the murder of a prominent politician, the killers will do everything they can to make sure she can't testify. Since Evangeline's father was once Deputy Director of the CIA, he knows just who to call to protect his only daughter – MacKenzie Security.

The last thing Cal Colter wants is to get stuck with a babysitting job, but Declan MacKenzie has assigned him the task and he has no choice but to accept. Cal especially doesn't know what to do with the quirky computer nerd who covers her lush body in baggy clothes and her stunning violet eyes behind glasses. But if Cal knows anything, it's women, and he's just as determined to peel back the layers of this unusual woman as he is to keep her alive.

MacKenzie Security Reading Order:
#1 - Cade
#2 - Shadows and Silk
#3 - Secrets and Satin
#4 - Sins and Scarlet Lace
#5 - Sizzle
#6 - Crave
#7 - Scorch