Blazing Rattles

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A Harley and Davidson Mystery, Book 10


Today is the big day. Hank Davidson is finally going to ask Agatha Harley to marry him. He’s a big tough guy, but his heart has melted for her since they first began solving mysteries together. He’s got it all together. The right place, the right time, the right words, and the right ring.

Sometimes what we think is right for today gets derailed by what was wrong in the past. Is Hank hiding something from his beloved Agatha, or is there yet another mystery to be solved before either can say, “I do.”

If we’ve learned anything about this couple, it’s that neither ever gives up on victims, justice or each other. Will wedding bells ever ring in Bell County? That depends on old-school Wild West justice, and big city FBI training to save the day as well as Agatha and Hank.