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Scorch -- Liliana Hart

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Cooper: The Ties That Bind -- Liliana Hart


Cooper: The Ties That Bind -- Out Now


Thanks so much for loving the Mackenzies as much as I do. This is a Happily Ever After story for Cooper MacKenzie, so if you haven't read COOPER I'd start there so you're not lost. Also, these follow up stories are like second epilogues. They're meant to be short and sweet. Thanks for reading! 


Cooper MacKenzie lives for the job. At least he did before his marriage. But doing the occasional undercover job for his cousin and keeping it secret from his wife isn't settling well in his gut. Claire has come a long way from being a shy librarian, but she's no one's fool. She knows her husband is keeping something from her. Loving and trusting a man who serves and protects is harder than she realized.

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